Come to see us!
Camrose Composite Playhouse

Lives of the Saints – One Act Plays

Date : Wednesday, January 17, 2018
Time : 7:00 PM
Tickets : $8 +gst

Camrose Composite High School’s Drama 10/20/30 class presents a night of One Act Plays by David Ives and John O’Brien that are sure to make you laugh out loud while pondering life. Two people meet in a cafe and find their way through a conversational minefield as an offstage bell interrupts their false starts, gaffes, and faux pas on the way to falling in love. A young man in a restaurant has fallen into “a Philadelphia,” a Twilight Zone-like state in which he cannot get anything he asks for. Utterly normal Norman walks into utterly ordinary Flora’s shop looking for a souvenir of his travels and together they find whirlwind romance, spurred on by a wacky translator. A cautionary fable tells how Rob and Laura face a menace in their living room: a television that talks back to them and threatens to swallow them whole. Finally, an old man is locked in the garden of his memories, locked there because he can only speak in disjointed syllables. His three daughters who are with him in this moment can’t understand what he is getting at, and they are becoming increasingly impatient.
Sure thing! A Philadelphia? Shazam! Stay tuned… stay tuned… stay tuned… What?