The Arrogant Worms

March 12th
Time: 7:30 PM
Shuman Insurance Presentation Series
Cost: Adult: $35+gst | Student: $25+gst | Digital: $15+gst

The Arrogant Worms have spent over three decades making fun of a big dumb world. Their songs have been played on the radio, the internet, and in outer space (on the space shuttle Endeavour).

The Worms began at Queen’s University in 1991 when some members of the student cabaret group, The Queen’s Players, started writing songs and sketches for the campus radio station CFRC. Soon the group became The Arrogant Worms (Chris Patterson, Mike McCormick, and Trevor Strong) who have since toured ceaselessly across Canada (and select other parts of the world), released 13 albums, and recorded with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra.

Their song, The Last Saskatchewan Pirate, has been covered by bands such as Captain Tractor and The Longest Johns, and their Happy Happy birthday song is a viral sensation with over one hundred million views of the various fan videos on YouTube. More than thirty years after they began, The Arrogant Worms continue to provide tuneful and silly escapism for everyone who needs it.

Chris Patterson

… plays bass and sings. Chris likes riding his bike and following municipal politics.  And bacon.  He has a children’s album called “Small Potatoes” and is on Twitter, and YouTube

Mike McCormick

… plays guitar and sings. Mike was an early hipster as he has always worn plaid and had facial hair in the pre-ironic period.  Mike sometimes has a website and is on Twitter and YouTube

Trevor Strong

… sings and counts merch. Trevor knows his banana bread recipe off by heart. He has written three books. Check his website and Twitter.

This performance is part of the Shuman Insurance Presentation Series and is show sponsored by On-Track Kuntz and Co.