The Professors

September 21st
Time: 7:30 PM
Central Agencies Realty Cabaret Series
Cost: 29.50+gst

From Rapid Fire Theatre

The Professors are college professors who “prove” an absurd hypothesis suggested by the audience over the course of a comedy lecture.

Fiercely intelligent, terribly funny, and containing nothing whatsoever in terms of plot. Not since Severn Darden delivered his ponderous, droll lectures in the early 60s have improvisors waded so deeply (or so successfully) into these murky intellectual waters.

Using every intellectual weapon at their disposal—sarcasm, outrageous puns, digressive storytelling, exceptionally complicated diagrams on the blackboard—these funny, verbally facile performers spoof sloppy thinking, popular culture, and the foibles of academics—and draw sellout crowds.

Their secret? They think too much, therefore they are too much. The Professors was the most popular late-night show at Rapid Fire Theatre last season, and we are excited to share this bigger, extended run with Edmonton audiences!

The title sponsor for the Cabaret Series is Central Agencies Realty.

The Cabaret space is an 18+ event.