Who We Are

Built within a collaborative framework

The Jeanne & Peter Lougheed Performing Arts Centre is a unique performing arts venue located on the beautiful, historic University of Alberta Augustana Campus in Camrose, AB, also known as The Rose City

The building was designed and constructed through the collaborative efforts of the City of Camrose and the University of Alberta. The Lougheed Centre was conceived of as a performance space to celebrate our cultural achievements and provide Camrose and area residents access to the performing arts.

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Built with the community in mind

The overall design for the building included a great deal of attention, not only to what the community envisioned for the space, but also towards sustainability for the future. At time of opening, the Lougheed Centre was home to the largest integrated photovoltaic array (solar panels), which blanket the entire 70-foot fly-tower, and the roof over the audience chamber. It was also the first theatre in North America to use entirely LED lighting, including the stage lights, on the interior and exterior of the building. 

Built to accommodate performances and events; big or small

There are two performance spaces within the Lougheed Centre: The Cargill Theatre and the Mayer Family Community Hall.

The Cargill Theatre seats 584 on two sloped floors, yet retains an intimacy which will provide audiences with a closer connection to the artist and provide the artist an opportunity to connect on a deeper level with the audience. The sound, lighting and projection systems are state of the art and will provide every visitor, in every seat a memorable live performance experience

The Mayer Family Community Hall provides alternative space for a variety of events. In its basic configuration it can accommodate 96 people with the sound booth and a bar. It is also a multipurpose room with a maximum occupancy of 196. This is a space which can be rented and configured to suit any need!

Built for the future

The Theatre is a proud declaration of the character of Camrose and how it’s moving into the future.
The Lougheed Centre is also recognized for several important design functions including a 4/5 score from the BR2 Green Globes project.

Corporate Information


The Jeanne & Peter Lougheed Performing Arts Centre is operated by the Camrose Performing Arts Centre Management Council, which includes two members appointed from the City of Camrose, two members appointed from the University of Alberta – Augustana and a minimum of three community members

The Centre’s Board of Governors is made up of three members appointed by the University of Alberta and three members appointed by the City of Camrose. The Management Council presents the Centre’s annual operating budget, which is created by Staff to the Board of Governors for approval.

Board of Governors
Joy-Anne Murphy (Chair)
Ryan Poole
Agnes Hoveland
Tam Connelly
Geraint B. Osborne
Stacy Lorenz

Management Council
Joshua Mohr (Chair)
Jane Cherry-Lemire
Tracy Brandingen
Malcolm Boyd
Patricia MacQuarrie
Alexis Anderson
Charlene Brown