Pavlo Brings International Mediterranean Sound to Camrose


Dubbed as the “Greek god of Guitar” Pavlo Simtikidis will get you swinging your hips before you know it.

Pavlo is an internationally renowned guitarist and he’s coming to Camrose on Sept. 22 to the Jeanne and Peter Lougheed Performing Arts Centre. He is coming to us with four major PBS specials and 17 albums under his belt. We call his music Mediterranean, but Pavlo takes it another step: “I call it feel good music.”

“Every night is a different experience,” he added.

Pavlo invites music lovers to come to the show, promising an evening of fun. “I’m always seeking to make every night a unique, spirited experience that will never happen again.”

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Interestingly, Pavlo got his start performing in Edmonton so he’s excited to come back to Alberta. Camrose will be the second performance on his 17-night, 17 venue tour.

“You don’t hear my stuff on the radio, you have to experience it in concert or you might be able to catch a PBS special,” he explained.

Here’s the thing about Pavlo, he and his band have been working together for 23 years. They’re true professionals who understand the nuances of each person’s playing style. It adds an element of surprise and fun that Pavlo thrives in.

“By the time we leave, we all feel like we’re a big family and that’s the kind of feeling I have. It’s a very engaging show,” says Pavlo.

“Nothing is rehearsed. Nothing. I just fly by the seat of my pants and I don’t even know what we’re going to play from song to song,” he added.

Pavlo notes it’s not that he’s unprepared, it’s that he goes with the spirit of the music. Plus, with dozens of songs to pick from, his shows become about the mood of the evening.

“We’re professional musicians, but we understand that, ‘Hey, let’s have a great time doing this,’” he said.

After performing over 3,500 live concerts, Pavlo says the best way to keep this fresh is to allow an organic process on stage.

“I want to keep it fresh so we go wherever the music takes us.”

With so many performances in the books, Pavlo says some of the best experiences have come when something unexpected occurs. He recalls one year performing at a live festival in front of thousands of people when the power went out during his show. Attendees weren’t too pleased.

So, what do you think Pavlo did? He and his band grabbed their instruments and walked through the audience playing music that would be remembered for years to come.


“The crowd went nuts and it became one of the most talked about performances for a long time,” he said. “People talked about it for years, saying it was the best show they had ever seen.”

When asked if there was a specific audience for his shows, Pavlo explained that he brings music for the whole family.

“I love it when the whole family can enjoy a performance together and have a good time,” he said.

Pavlo’s performance is the first in the Tracy Brandingen RE/MAX Real Estate Acclaim Series.